Digital Homeopathy Through A Biofeedback Process

All functions use energy. The response of the body to energy allows muscles to move, food to be digested, eyes to see, ears to hear and skin to feel. When energy is in balance, the natural structures and functions of our physical bodies are enhanced. It is the same idea as having a balanced diet, a balanced life, or a cross-training workout in the gym.

The advance of computer science has greatly facilitated the invention process of Bioenergetic devices because many of them are soft-ware-driven programs. Modern bioenergetic devices can fall into the following categories:

  1. Devices that measure a direct or indirect response to an evoked potential, which is the response of energy or a change in energy,
  2. Devices that deliver special frequencies of energy to promote energy balancing, and
  3. Devices that can do both (energetic biofeedback).

The basis of ASYRA PRO is an electrodermal device, which works by measuring electrical resistance and polarization. Not unlike lie detector tests technology.

ASYRA PRO permits the body to find harmony. Harmony is an energetic state of in which the body (to the best of its ability) can find its own normal function and form. ASYRA PRO "self test", as featured at Energieswork, is used by tens of thousands people like you around the world to help their bodies find their own normal harmonious function and form.

Though there are many published studies indicating it's efficacy, it is generally not recognized by conventional medicine or the Food and Drug Administration

ASYRA PRO is a form of biofeedback. The instrument is a specialized device duly registered as a Class II device with the FDA.

The device is based on new nonlinear principles based on normal versus disruptive waves. It allows for harmonization to appropriate states being.

Energetic Biofeedback